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How to get to Alonnisos

How to get to Alonnisos

How to reach Alonissos , Skopelos and Skiathos islands NORTHERN SPORADES ISLANDS ALL ROUTES TO NORTHERN SPORADES Skiathos Skopelos Alonissos from Volos , Agios Konstantinos , Thessaloniki and Kimi ports.

Alonissos is located about 8 miles east of Skopelos island, immediately after the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos ( distance from the port of Skopelos - Port of Alonissos Patitiri ).

Alonissos lies 68 nautical miles from Volos , 69 nautical miles from the port of Agios Konstantinos (located in Fthiotida Central Greece and together with the port of Kimi serves visitors from Athens and rest of Greece from the edge of Lamia city and south ), 37 nm of Kimi (Evia island ) , 26 nm of Mantoudi ( Evia island ) and about 115 nautical miles from Thessaloniki .

The island has one port. The main natural harbor called Patitiri , located on the south side of the island .


How to travel

On Alonissos , Skopelos and Skiathos you can travel by boat , catamarans ( Flying Cats ) and hydrofoils ( flying dolphins ) . Additionally Skiathos can be reached by plane from Athens , Thessaloniki and abroad

The high tourist season on the island of Alonnisos is July and August . ( ships and departure times are likely to change regularly so you will contacted by agencies , ferry companies, or from openseas.gr and Greek Travel Pages) .

Be sure to obtain and return tickets when you visit the island mainly in first 20 days of August

Alonissos travel by boat , catamarans and hydrofoils

Nearby Airports

Alonissos has no airport , but there are nearby airports on Skiathos island named Skiathos National Airport Papadiamantis JSI ( Skiathos airport )

Other nearby airports are the Airports NEW ANGHIALOS ( Volos Airport ) . Also many overseas visitors choose to come through Athens or Thessaloniki by air and then either by plane at Skiathos or the transport through the ports of Volos, Agios Konstantinos and Kimi .

ALONNISSOS nearby airports Skiathos, Volos , Skiros , ATHENS , THESSALONIKI

The island is connected to the following mainland and islands ports :

Mainland Ports :

With Volos 68 nm ALL YEAR ROUND

Agios Konstantinos ( Prefecture of Fthiotidas ,Central Greece) 69 nm ALMOST ALL YEAR ( Summer - September or after Easter ) with your own car or bus of the shipping company.

Kymi Evia 37 nm (Summer - September ) with your own car or Bus Service of KTEL EVIAS to Halkida , Evia Kimi ( from Athens Liossion bus station )

Mantoudi Evia 26 nm (Summer - September perhaps and other months ) with your own car or Bus Service of KTEL EVIAS to Halkida , Evia Mantoudi ( from Athens Liossion bus station )

  Thessaloniki 115 nm only in the summer -  September ( not available every year)( alternative through Volos city with a suburban train or Bus Service KTEL MAGNISIAS ).

 The ALONNISOS is connected with the Port of Volos , Agios Konstantinos (FOR TRAVELERS FROM ATHENS ) KIMI (from Athens ) , Thessaloniki , the rest of  SPORADES
The ALONNISOS is connected with the Port of Volos , Agios Konstantinos (FOR TRAVELERS FROM ATHENS ) KIMI (from Athens ) , Thessaloniki and the other SPORADES islands.

The islands are interconnected throughout the year .

the Sporades islands’ ports ALL YEAR ROUND : Main Port of Skopelos Skopelos 8 nm , Glossa of Skopelos Loutraki 21 nm , 26 nm Skiathos , . Most ships start from Volos and Agios Konstantinos crossing and continue to Skiathos , Skopelos and Alonissos . The route from Kimi connects Skyros Kimi Alonissos and Skopelos and is a truly amazing route to get to the island .

Airports on the island and close to it


Journey to Alonissos


TRIP DURATION FROM / TO ALONNISOS ( MAIN PORT PATITIRI ) (the trip is shorter if the ships not pass and From Glossa port on Skopelos )

By boat ( cars + passengers) , speedboat ( cars and passengers) or catamaran Flying cat ( passengers only ), or hydrofoil Flying Dolphin ( passengers only )  , hours and minutes eg 3:50 : By boat Volos Alonissos : about 5 hours

catamaran Volos Alonissos : 3 hours and 50 minutes

By KIMI ALONNISSOS ship : 2 hours and 20 minutes ( The route ATHENS - KIMI for those of you who have your own car is 175 km , passengers without a car can take the morning bus departure of KTEL EVIAS to Halkida , Evia - Kimi .

With ship AG.KONSTANTINOS ALONNISOS : about 5 hours

catamaran AG.KONSTANTINOS ALONNISOS : 3 hours and 50 minutes

flying dolphin AG.KONSTANTINOS ALONNISOS : 2 hours and 20 minutes

( The route ATHENS - AG.KONSTANTINOS for those of you who have your own car is 180 km ,

Passengers without a car can get in bus that takes you direct to the ship. For the Flying Cat is ALKYON TRAVEL Athens - Agios Konstantinos usually runs three and a half to four hours earlier from Caningos square while for Flying Dolphin bus JETA TOURS departs from NIKIS & Fillelinon Street near Syntagma.

With ship THESSALONIKI Alonnisos ( Alonissos ) : about 5 hours. The line is not available every year .

With Flying Cat THESSALONIKI Alonnisos ( Alonissos ) : about 2.55 hours. The line is not available every year .

IF THERE ARE NOT departures from Thessaloniki you get through Volos . Volos - Thessaloniki is 2 hours and 30 minutes by or bus .

Important Notes and Clarifications :

  • You can buy your tickets: a) Through the Internet from the ferry companies and after the book you must definitely go to any of the partner agencies of the shipping company or the company’s office at the port of departure to get printed ( free) ticket your b ) to purchase directly from the partner agencies of the ferry companies,  c ) from other websites providing tickets .
  • In winter there is the possibility that there are available ship ‘s departures only from Volos . In Volos you can go by bus of KTEL Magnesia in 4 hours or by train via Athens Larissa , Volos. From Thessaloniki in the winter (and summer ) you can also go by train or by bus from the bus station Macedonia Thessaloniki .
  • The Ferryboat schedules unfortunately are usually finalized for each season : Shortly before Easter on routes from Easter to the Holy Spirit ( June ) , Just after Easter and later for the summer routes and mid-July to the service from 09 September and after .